Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

Mossyrock Area Action League

Coordinating organization for the Blueberry Festival

Mission Statement

The Mission of this corporate body is to foster an improved quality of life for the people of the Mossyrock, Silver Creek, Salkum, and Cinebar communities. We encourage community investment, create and cultivate community assets, and invest in the health and well-being of our neighbors.

Board of Directors 2014

Philip McDaniel (Board chair)
Glenn Aldrich(Vice chair)
Michele Birley (Corresponding secretary)
Janet Meade (Secretary)
Judy Peoples
Kari Powell
Don Varo

Current Programs

Mossyrock, Washington Blueberry Festival

One of MAAL's major activities is planning and organizing the Blueberry Festival. Attendance has grown to about 7,200 in its 5th year. In 2011, community organizations were able to generate over $10,000 to put back into the community.

Youth Leadership Program members helped serve the Veterins Day dinnerin 2011Mossyrock Youth Leadership Program

The Mossyrock Youth Leadership Program is a youth leadership and life building program offered to middle and high school students in the Mossyrock School District. Projects are centered on community engagement. Students have the opportunity to work within their community, with other community organizations, and work on projects that enhance each others' and other community members' well being.

This is important because youth that are engaged in such activities are more likely to graduate.

In 2011, one of their projects was to help serve at the Veteran's Day dinner.

MAAL Grants and Scholarships

In 2011, MAAL awarded Civic Engagement Scholarships to Robert Stevens and Shannon Simon. Both seniors had exhibited exemplary service to their community. Proceeds from the Blueberry Festival dunk tank help fund these scholarships.

Honor an Elder Program

A view of the parade During the summer of 2011, Beulah McMurry`s house was painted by volunteers from Road Rebels Car Club, Mossyrock Youth Leadership, Mossyrock Area Action League, and other community member who came together once more to "Honor an Elder".

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