Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

7th Annual Car Show

Saturday, August 3, 2013
on the grass fields behind
Mossyrock High School

A few of the cars at the 2013 Auto Show

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For info contact Rex @ 360-880-5676
or Jack @ 360-983-3621 (evening)

The Car Show is sponsored by the
Mossyrock Road Rebels Car Club.

The original Road Rebels started in 1959 as a group of Mossyrock High School kids hanging out at the old Union Gas station in downtown Mossyrock. A Washington State Trooper, Bob Broshear; seeing idle teens, suggested to them to do something productive for the community and he organized the kids. He became their adviser, they named themselves the Road Rebels and even wrote up the bylaws that the current group uses today. After the group graduated from high school the Road Rebels became a piece of Mossyrock history. The new Road Rebels, reestablished in February 2010, have continued their spirit of public service.

The Mossyrock Road Rebels Car Club is dedicated to community service. From the proceeds of the 2012 Car Show, $1,900 was returned to the community. This included $1,000 donated to the Mossyrock High School shop class and $900 to three local food banks.

The Car Show is part of
Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

This community festival which includes many events such as a parade and quilt show happens annually on the first weekend in August. You are invited to attend several events as well as the car show. You may even want to buy some blueberries from a local farm while you are here.

Road Rebels Car Club

Cars at Blueberry Festival Car Show

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