Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

Fist Annual
Blueberry 5K Tailrace
Crosses the Mossyrock Dam
The highest dam in state of Washington

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 5K Race is sponsored by the
Mossyrock Track and Field/Cross Country..

The race is a cross country style race, which means slight elevation changes and some trail running.
Tee shirts and blueberries were provide to the participants.

Over 100 persons entered the race. Winning runners:
1st: Conner Swenson (winning time: 19:27)
2nd: Jess White, Mossyrock
3rd: Brlyant Bowman, Mossyrock
1st woman: Alicia Herrera, Mossyrock

Images from the 2013 Race
Blueberry Festival Picture>
Runners crossing the dam
Photo courtesy of Chris Johnson, East County Journal

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Crossing the Mossyrock Dam
Runners crossing the Mossyrock Dam during the 2013 Blueberry 5K Tailrace
(Chris Johnson - East County Journal)

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